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ADA Supports Proposed PPE Tax Credit

On June 24th, the ADA announced their support of a new bill that would provide a tax credit of up to $25,000 for small businesses, including dental practices, to use towards the purchase of personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This would include items such as gloves, masks and/or respirators, eye protection, gowns, hand sanitizers, cleaning supplies and other equipment. ADA President Chad P. Gehani and Executive Director Kathleen T. O’Loughlin indicated this bill would provide much-needed […] Read More...

Keeping Your Patient Volumes & Finances Steady During Economic Decline

With businesses around the country closing daily, job loss is at an all-time high and employees are losing their benefits. As a result, across nearly all industries, we are seeing a decline in consumer spending, including for health and oral care services. Additionally, after several weeks, and in some cases, months of being closed, dental practices are looking for ways to mitigate fluctuations in their operations and revenue stream. With a backlog of individuals needing access to affordable care, dental […] Read More...

Double Trouble: Overcoming Patient’s Fears of Dental Care and COVID-19

5 Communication Strategies to Get Patients Back in Your Office  Let’s be honest, getting patients to their dentist’s office was challenging, even before COVIDV-19 concerns. In fact, many people are downright scared of the dentist and put off their routine visits. Over the last several months, nearly half of Americans have delayed health care services, including dental care, due to COVID-19 concerns.  In some cases, delaying care is more detrimental to their health than the virus itself. To overcome patient’s […] Read More...

The Latest ADA Poll Indicates Dental Practices Across the Country Have Begun to Rebound

Beginning in March, the ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) launched a poll to enable them to better understand the impact COVID-19 has had on dental practices and their ability to resume patient care. Approximately 70,000 dentists from across the country were invited to participate and more than 19,000 chose to respond. Following the initial outreach, dentists were also invited to continue their participation by completing bi-weekly surveys to track their practice’s progress. According to their latest survey results, as of […] Read More...

Steps to Take When a Staff Test Positive for COVID-19

Given the proximity required to provide oral care, dentists and their staff are considered to be at a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure. It is essential that dental practices establish protocols to manage potential exposures ahead, both to minimize the risk as well as take the necessary actions if an exposure occurs. To help dentists prepare, the American Dental Association developed a guide that outlines what steps should be taken when members of a practice may have been exposed.  The […] Read More...
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