Looking for Ways to Boost Your Practice Profitability Following COVID-19 Closures?

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Take Advantage of a Free Practice Optimization Analysis

Surveys conducted by the American Dental Association and other national agencies over the last several months have closely monitored the impact COVID-19 has had on dental practices across the country. While most have resumed “business-as-usual”, the upward recovery trends have slowed, and many dentists are reporting their schedules have stalled at about 70% capacity. Operating at lower than normal patient volumes for most of the year continues to weigh heavy on the minds of most dentists, especially independent practitioners. Combined with the increased costs of necessary PPE, it may feel maintaining practice profitability is an impossible task.

To help their practice recover, dentists have considered a variety of options. Some continue to operate with reduce staffing or have adjusted their operating hours, others have begun billing for PPE used during appointments or have increased the cost of their services to offset rising operational expenses. In some cases, dentists have considered transitioning into early retirement or selling their practice, leaving dentistry altogether. Before making any sigificant changes, it’s important to know that there are steps you can take to identify other ways you can strengthen your practice and increase your profitability. Evaluating your current productivity, including code utilization and reimbursement rates, all costs and practice finances, can provide valuable insight into the current state of your practice and when measured against industry benchmarks, can identify areas of opportunity for you to work smarter, not harder.

Sounds great, right? The reality is most dentists are (rightfully) focused on providing much-needed oral care to their patients after months of COVID-19 related closures, and don’t have time to conduct a thorough analysis of their finances and may struggle with how to implement profitability and cost opportunities. That’s where Dynamic Dental Advisors (DDA) comes in and makes the path to increased profitability simple.

DDA is led by clinical and operational experts who leverage their extensive knowledge of the dental and distribution industries to unlock your practice’s full profitability potential. They accomplish this by conducting a thorough, free practice optimization analysis to obtain a holistic view of the current state of your practice and working alongside practice owners to develop a comprehensive road map that’s specific to your unique needs and help you  implement proven strategies to achieve maximum profitability. Not only will DDA perform a no obligation, free practice optimization analysis, they also remove all financial risks, as they genuinely want independent practices to succeed and protect independent dentistry. You can move forward and implement opportunities identified by the practice optimization analysis on your own, or, if you would like support with implementation, DDA offers a no-risk financial guarantee. If you don’t achieve the expected results, you don’t pay.

Ready to uncover your practice’s full profitability potential? To get started, simply request your free practice optimization analysis. From there, a member of the DDA team will walk you through the information needed to conduct the analysis and how to obtain the information easily. After conducting a thorough analysis, DDA will compile your results and measure them against industry and local benchmarks and identify areas of opportunity for your practice. The team will review your practice optimization report with you. If you decide to move forward, DDA will work with you to develop a comprehensive, customized roadmap for your practice and help you to implement and monitor your progress.

As an independent dentist, you have enough on your plate right now, but addressing your profitability can’t wait. With DDA, it doesn’t have to. Let DDA assess the financial health of your practice and help you identify several ways you can increase your profitability with minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.

Experience the DDA difference: Your practice optimization analysis is conducted free of charge, no strings attached, so what do you have to lose? DDA’s pratice optimization analysis & implementation services are a comprehensive way to evaluate your current practice performance, identify areas of opportunity to increase profitability and efficiencies, and design a roadmap completely tailored to your unique needs. DDA offers all the benefits of a DSO – while allowing you to remain in control of your practice. The difference is, their approach is all about YOU.

Your Practice. Your Team. Your Solution.


Learn more about Dynamic Dental Advisors and request your free practice optimization analysis by contacting:
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