The IDS Supply & Equipment Program is the foundation of our membership. Before launching the program, we interviewed many dentists to understand their pain points with their current supplier and what they would like to see from their distributor. Then, we used these pain points as our basis for developing the program. 

Our Program

Product Breadth

In order to support all of our members needs, we developed an offering that goes from your basic commodity to implant systems


Our program helps members save between 15 - 35% on their supply spend versus the prior year (up to 70% off retail prices)

Locked-In Pricing

Prices are locked annually so members can sleep easy knowing their prices won't change.

Free/Discounted Shipping

We negotiated free or discounted shipping (even free 2nd day shipping) on our contracts.

No Grey Market Items

We only contract with vendors that are authorized dealers--eliminating grey market concerns.

Savings Grow as Group Grows

We continuously negotiate with vendor to build new contracts that help our members save.

Program Results

1 %
Average Savings

Calculated through member supply analyses

10 K
Orders Placed

Most with free shipping!

Tracking Our Savings



Our Vendor Partners

The Companies supporting independent dentists

Interested in See Your Potential Savings?

We provide a free savings analysis. Simply click on the link below for instructions on how to pull your data from your current supplier and we will do the rest.