Company Overview

Independent Dental Solutions (IDS) was founded in 2017 by two private practice dentists (with a combined 50+ years of experience) and two health care supply chain leaders who sought to preserve and strengthen independent dentistry. IDS is a FREE Dental Buying Group that works to drive down the cost of supplies, equipment and more by leveraging the collective buying power of the group. This allows its private practice members to stay independent and level the playing field in an industry that is increasingly favoring DSOs and corporate dental groups.

At IDS, our goal is to unify the independent dental market and help private practice dentists not only SURVIVE… but THRIVE!

Our Mission

“Keeping Private Dental Practices Independent”

Our mission is to provide savings and solutions to support all the business needs of traditional private dental practices. By fostering collaboration among our members and empowering private practices to take control of their future, IDS provides its members with the the tools needed to build a more sustainable, profitable future – so they can continue to care for their communities.

Our Model: Independent Dental Collaborative

By leveraging our dental buying group’s collective buying power, we can find innovative ways to stay ahead of the ever-changing industry. Here’s how IDS works on behalf of your practice: 

  • Membership is FREE.
  • We leverage the collaborative buying power of the group to negotiate contracts on behalf of our members with our primary distributor, direct-only manufacturers and other vendor partners.
  • The savings continues to increase as the group grows.
  • We utilize the groups’ collective insight, experience, and ideas to build a roadmap for a better future.
  • We serve as your trusted advisor, providing full transparancy and empowerment.

Meet the Team:

Jordan and Maggie are your main points of contact at IDS. Learn more about both of them by reading their bios below: 

Jordan Herbert

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Jordan has extensive experience in developing and implementing supply chain cost reduction strategies within health systems. Prior to joining the dental industry, Jordan held a variety of positions, including Director of Supply Chain Performance, at one of the country’s largest medical distributors. During that time, he partnered with healthcare organizations to identify ways to help them become more efficient, standardized their processes, and reduce costs. He also worked closely with GPOs, distributors, manufacturers, and health systems across the country to develop solutions to reduce complexity and costs across the healthcare network. In 2017, Jordan brought his supply chain and process improvement expertise to the dental industry, as Co-Founder & COO of Independent Dental Solutions (IDS). IDS is a Group Purchasing Organization designed to support independent dental practices with services and solutions to reduce expenses and improve efficiencies. Jordan is passionate about collaborating with dentists and owners to build and implement customized solutions to address their pain points.

Maggie Garrigan

Member Experience Manager

Maggie has more than 25 years of experience in sales, project coordination, customer support, and providing high-level administrative support to business leaders and directors. Currently, Maggie serves as the primary point of contact for IDS members, collaborators, and channel partners. She provides a seamless onboarding experience for members and fosters strong, successful relationships with IDS members and partners alike. This ensures ongoing support and growth for everyone. Leveraging her extensive knowledge and background, Maggie is able to assess business needs, apply appropriate decision making skills, and execute tasks quickly and accurately. She also evaluates current processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, prepares and coordinates meetings, events, agendas and presentations; manages projects and is highly organized and a strong communicator. Maggie is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, maintaining confidentiality and helping drive business growth for IDS.