Dr. Chris Berkers

Berkers Family Dentistry, SC

General Dentistry | Kaukauna, WI

“I wanted to be on the Member Advisory Board because of the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic shift in the future of private practice dentistry.”

Dr. Michael Hom

Hom Family Dentistry, S.C.

General Dentistry | Stevens Point, WI

“I believe in the mission of Independent Dental Solutions to keep the independent/private practices still relevant and successful.”

Dr. Sally Owens

Owens Family Dentistry

General Dentist | Stevens Point, WI

“With dental clinic operating costs rising and third-party reimbursements shrinking, this group provides tangible solutions to help me to continue to thrive as a solo practitioner and dental office owner.”

Dr. G. P. Schmidtke

Schmidtke Orthodontics

Orthodontist | Appleton, WI

“Being in private practice has allowed me to provide personalized care for my patients for many years. I believe this organization will allow all doctors like myself to continue this standard of care for years to come.”

Dr. Nick Romenesko

Romenesko Family Dentistry Brillion, LLC

General Dentist | Brillion, WI

“My goal is to leave dentistry in a better place than I found it for the next generation and IDS is the solution.”

Dr. Ed Bekx

Kimberly Dental

General Dentist | Kimberly, WI

“The dentist-patient relationship is one of the most important aspects of patient care. Patients should always have the option of seeing an independent dentist.”

Dr. Jim Tomassetti

Apple Creek Orthodontics

Orthodontist | Appleton, WI

“Independent dentistry allows us to manage costs within the office which enables us to offer affordable care to our patients. Our office is concerned with what’s best for our patients and IDS is just that.”

Dr. Jolanta Pajek

Modern Touch Dentistry

General Dentist | Appleton, WI

“We need a group that represents interests of private dentists and their patients. I believe that private dentistry elevated American standard of care into the world’s top position. Now it’s endangered and I believe our patients will suffer as a result.”

Dr. Anthony Hall

Dental Health Center

General Dentist | Stevens Point, WI

“I wanted to help level the playing field for private practice non-DSO dentists and I believe IDS is doing just that.”

Dr. Brian Schroepfer

Schroepfer Family Dentistry

General Dentist | Marinette, WI

“I strongly believe in private practice and protecting small practices and fighting against corporate dentistry.”

Dr. Mark Burbey

Burbey Orthodontics

Orthodontist | Appleton, WI

“The main purpose of Independent Dental Solutions is to save private practice and Dr. Rick Romenesko Sr. is the one to do it and I would like to be part of it.”

Dr. Brett Skarr

Brett C. Skarr, DDS, SC

General Dentist | Waukesha, WI

“I chose to get involved with IDS to help level the playing field on my overhead. Independent dentists have been subsidizing corporate dental offices by paying premium fees and with the formation of a buying group we can now negotiate as one.”

Dr. Paul Koehl

Dental Health Center

General Dentist | Stevens Point, WI

“The core founders wowed me with the energy and genuine commitment for preserving independent dentists in our changing dental marketplace which made me immediately wanted to be a part of it.”

Dr. Adam Pasano

Green Bay Family Dentistry

General Dentist | Green Bay, WI

“As more dental practices are being bought up by corporations, I felt a strong desire to give competitive power back to the independent dentist. By joining similar independent dentists together, I’ve found a win-win-win scenario for patients, dentists, and suppliers."

Dr. Nathan Bloom

Bloom Family Dentistry

General Dentist | Sheboygan, WI

"I hope by teaming with like-minded individuals we can maintain or even improve the ability of the independent dentist to provide excellent care for their patients. Without collaboration it will get more difficult due to the many pressures."

Dr. Jason Cooke

Fox River Periodontics

Periodontist | Appleton, WI

"I chose to be a part of IDS because they will help independent private practice dentists not only be relevant but thrive with the continuing changes in the dental community."

Becky Bergene

Bloom Family Dentistry

Office Manager | Sheboygan, WI

“Working in Dentistry is a choice and privilege that is not taken lightly. It is my goal to help dental practices remain as individual as the dentists that own each office. Together working with IDS, I hope to help private offices compete in the growing corporate culture that threatens the personal style and quality of care that defines each privately-owned dental office. This individuality allows the dentist freedom to practice as they wish and gives patients a choice in the care they desire.”

Dr. Brad Foss

Hillside Dental Associates

General Dentist | Ripon, WI

"I am looking forward to giving back to the profession that has given me so much. With the encroachment of large businesses and corporations, independent dentists need a voice in this ever-changing industry. I'm hoping to help my peers make our voice loud and keep private dentists in control"