Why Did We Create the Cooperative?

Being a member-driven organization, we are consistently surveying and asking our members what their pain points and priorities include. Since the creation of the supply program, consistently, a lab solution has been the most prevalent ask from the members. When surveying the members about their expectations for a lab program, there were six consistent responses:

High Quality
Open Communication
Local, United States Based
Reduce Lab Costs
Seen as Partner vs. Customer

How Does It Work?

Using the above as our basis, IDS partnered with Wolf Dental Studio to bring our members a crown and bridge lab cooperative that helps drive down our member’s lab spend without sacrificing quality, consistency, and communication.

Cooperative design

  • High Quality
  • Ability to Service Members in All Geographies
  • Personalized Touch & Communication
  • Standard Turnaround Times




The Financials


Our robust financial pro forma tool (found below) provides cooperative members with their return on investment with three simple data points:

  • Annual Crown & Bridge Spend
  • Current Fee Schedule
  • 3-5 Top Volume Units



Interested in the
Lab Cooperative?

Our process is simple, and we calculate your estimated return on investment before joining the cooperative. Please email [email protected] to get the process started. 

Member Testimonials

“Steve Wolf of Wolf Dental Studios is a true artist that provides consistent results and I greatly appreciate his communication style! For those reasons alone, I would recommend his lab, but even after my $1,000 annual fee, I am saving approximately $10,000 annually on my lab expenses through the IDS Cooperative! Lastly, knowing I have a “voice” in the IDS lab as a co-op member, versus just being a customer in a lab, tells me IDS will listen to suggestions and ideas as the independent market evolves”
Dr. Michael Romenesko
Co-Founder & IDS Member
“With many inexpensive lab alternatives in the market, I have been more than pleased with the IDS Lab Cooperative. Where others sacrifice quality, consistency, and communication to save you a buck or two, the IDS model helps me save without these sacrifices. My partner and I are well on our way to saving roughly $9,000 annually on the program."”
Dr. Chris Berkers
IDS Advisory Board Member