The six most expensive words a dental owner could say are, “we’ve always done it that way”.

As the saying goes, the one thing that’s constant in life is change. Whether it’s shifts in the needs of your community or industry-wide regulatory changes, it’s important that your practice continues to evolve as well. While practice owners know this, putting it into action is not always so straight-forward.

Sometimes, you may not know what to do, other times a lack of time or staff support makes implementing a new process difficult. In either case, inaction can cost you in the long run. Over time, using outdated or inefficient workflows can:

  • Impact your profitability
  • Waste valuable time
  • Impact the patient experience
  • Affect your team morale

Eventually, it can even lead to high staff turnover, provider burnout, and you may even consider selling your practice.

If you’re struggling to manage the business-side of your practice, Dynamic Dental Advisors (DDA) can help. Led by a team of practice management and operations experts, DDA helps you:

  • Evaluate the current state of your practice – from your operating expenses and fee schedule to code utilization and payor reimbursements.
  • Identify areas of opportunity to strengthen and grow your practice moving forward – from navigating inflation and streamlining your purchases to leadership coaching and team development.
  • Develop a customized roadmap for your practice – from establishing key performance metrics and setting priorities to assigning implementation timelines and driving accountability.

With DDA, it’s easy to identify areas of opportunity to enhance your practice and take action, to prevent making the costly, frustrating mistake of staying in an operational rut.

Dynamic Dental Advisors is proud to offer dental practices comprehensive support, no matter what stage they’re at. With DDA, you’re always in control of the process and the decisions being made for your practice. In fact, you can find out risk-free what DDA, with a FREE Practice Optimization Analysis (POA).

Request your POA today!

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