IndepenDENT Dental Solutions Launches Dental Discussions Podcast

Posted on October 8, 2020 by
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Providing Practice Management Support for Private Dental Practices

October 8, 2020

In the spirit of continuing their mission to further support all the business needs of their members, as well as the independent dental market as a whole, Independent Dental Solutions (IDS) is excited to announce the launch of  their new podcast, Dental Discussions.

The first episode was released on Wednesday, October 7th and new episodes will be posted bi-weekly on Wednesdays moving forward. Topics will include operational best practices, strategies to optimize supplies, financial considerations, practice management resources and innovations within the dental industry.

Dental Discussions was developed when the IDS team identified a critical gap in the information commonly available to dentists. While there is no shortage of resources providing clinical guidance for practitioners, it can be difficult to find business resources and support specific to the dental industry. That’s where Dental Discussions comes in, empowering dentists by providing the information and tools needed to sustain and grow their practice from a business perspective.

The podcast is hosted by IDS leaders, Dr. Michael Romenesko, a practicing dentist, and Meghan Conger, IDS Chief Practice Management Officer who has more than twenty years of experience in dental practice optimization and management consulting. Their goal is to keep listeners informed, not only on topics impacting the dental industry overall, but also those specific to operating a thriving, independent practice. Each episode utilizes a light-hearted, honest approach to tackling important topics through a balance of education and humor as Michael and Meghan share their own insights and seek valuable input from thought-leaders across the industry.

The overarching goal for Dental Discussions is to make sure our listeners know that while the dental industry is always evolving and it can be challenging to be an independent practitioner, now more than ever, it doesn’t mean you’re on your own – the IDS team has your back!

Listen to the first episode and be sure to subscribe to the Dental Discussions Podcast.

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