IDS & The Wolverine Dental Society Partner to Advance & Unite Dentistry in Michigan

Independent Dental Solutions Receives an Offical Endorsement from the Wolverine Dental Society


Independent Dental Solutions (IDS) and the Wolverine Dental Society (WDS) are proud to announce their new partnership.The two Midwest organizations share not only a humble but impassioned start, they both were formed from a desire to advance and unite the dental industry.  

The Wolverine Dental Society was founded in Detroit in 1934 by a small group of African  American dentists who wanted to overcome the exclusion experienced by black dentists in other  professional organizations. Since then, the WDS has continued to serve as a platform for African American dentists to voice their opinions and share their knowledge with one another.  

Similarly, Independent Dental Solutions was founded in 2017 by two private practice dentists and two health care supply chain leaders who sought to unify the independent dental market. IDS enables private practices to access the lower, contracted pricing on supplies, capital equipment and other services traditionally only reserved for DSOs and larger corporations. They accomplish this by leveraging the collective buying power of the group to negotiate contracts with suppliers to level the playing field in an increasingly corporate dental market. 

As each organization has grown, both have continued to cultivate new relationships within the dental community to expand upon the support they are able to provide. Through their endorsement of IDS, the  WDS can now offer their members a simple, effective way to reduce their expenses and strengthen their  practice. Leaders from the WDS and IDS are excited to partner together to continue to enhance their support for dental practices. 

A Message from the President of the Wolverine Dental Society:  

“This year 2020, with the occurrence of Coronavirus, brought about drastic and long-term  changes in dentistry that none of us could have anticipated. To assist in easing the burden of  these changes the Wolverine executive board has joined forces with Independent Dental  Solutions (IDS). As a member of the Wolverine Dental Society, this joint venture will allow us to  purchase dental supplies at reduced rates that are comparable to DSO’s and other large  companies, which have not always been available to us as African American dental  professionals. We look forward to this partnership with IDS and the opportunity to assist our  WDS members as they continue to provide quality dental care to the metropolitan Detroit  community.” 

Darrell K. Williams, D. D. S., President, Wolverine Dental Society 

A Message from Dr. Rick Romenesko, Co-Founder of Independent Dental Solutions:  

“Welcome Wolverines! On behalf of the IndepenDENT Dental Solutions team, I am excited to  welcome you to the IDS family. I have personally had the pleasure to meet several WDS members at a monthly meeting at Meriwethers, on your Riverboat Cruise Excursion, and at the 
Inauguration Gala for Dr. Armstrong. What a night to remember! The WDS is a tremendous  society, with a long and storied history to be proud of. We are honored to form this partnership  to work together to bring value to all WDS members individually and to the society. We look  forward to a long and fruitful relationship and the development of many friendships along the  way. Together, we can truly make a difference!” 

Rick Romenesko, D.D.S, Co-Founder, Independent Dental Solutions 

Through their shared, unwavering commitment to empower and unite dentists, the new WDS and IDS  partnership will ensure Michigan practices will not only survive, they have the tools to thrive. For more  information on the WDS, please contact: [email protected]. For questions about IDS  membership and services, please contact: [email protected].

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