How Search & Display Ads Work Together

        While they each have their own uses, search and display ads work best when they complement each other. Here’s how: Display ads can increase the effectiveness of search advertising. How can someone search for your business or confidently click on your ad if they don’t recognize your business in the first place? Display advertising helps drive that awareness and helps the community get to know you. The key metrics you should monitor when running display ads include: […] Read More...

Build Your Practice’s Brand: Part 2

Previously, we talked about how to create your practice’s mission statement and logo and determine your brand voice/personality. Now that these things have been established, let’s talk about how to implement them. Here are 5 ways to incorporate your brand into your marketing: Create a website for your practice Now that you have a logo, established brand colors, fonts, design elements, and a brand voice to guide you, you have all the tools needed to begin building your website.  Website design […] Read More...

Build Your Practice’s Brand: Part 1

No matter what industry you’re in, in order to ensure your business stands out, brand is everything. There are probably many dental offices that offer services similar to yours. So, what makes a potential patient choose one practice over another? What drives patient loyalty? To engage on social media, to wait weeks for an appointment when schedules are full, or choose to pay more for care from a specific provider? A big part of the answer is brand identity. Your […] Read More...

Optimize Your Clinical Workflow in 5 Easy Steps

Your team is the heart and soul of your practice, and right now many of them are taking on additional responsibilities due to the ongoing labor shortages. The added workload likely has some of your staff feeling overwhelmed by their day-to-day responsibilities. As an independent dental practice owner, you’re responsible not only for patient care, but the practice operations and wellbeing of your staff, too. We know that for your practice to grow, you need to identify ways to optimize […] Read More...
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