Your team is the heart and soul of your practice, and right now many of them are taking on additional responsibilities due to the ongoing labor shortages. The added workload likely has some of your staff feeling overwhelmed by their day-to-day responsibilities. As an independent dental practice owner, you’re responsible not only for patient care, but the practice operations and wellbeing of your staff, too.

We know that for your practice to grow, you need to identify ways to optimize your daily workflow so that your team can work more efficiently. However, many practices waste a significant amount of time and money just by being disorganized.

That’s why Zirc developed their Color Method system, providing dental teams with a way to work smarter and save valuable time. In fact, using Color Method’s customizable procedure kits can save you up to 45 minutes a day! The system works by simplifying your instrument and material management by adding a helpful visual element that quickly and significantly improves your team’s workflow.

Color Method Image


Here’s how the Color Method system can help you optimize your clinical workflow in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Get Colorful

You’ll start by assigning a color to each procedure you offer. Then, everything needed for a particular treatment, from instrumentation to procedure-specific materials, will be kept in Zirc’s color-coded containers. The containers are available in 16 different colors are include everything from kits and trays to cassettes and matching bur holders. This makes it easy for your team to quickly identify the supplies needed for each procedure and adds a more efficient “grab-and-go” processes to your clinical workflow.

Step 2: Transport Instruments Safely

Color Method containers also feature Safe-Lok cover, so your team can pre-set and stack trays for the day and remain OSHA-compliant when transporting contaminated instruments to be cleaned afterwards.

Step 3: Re-think How You Store Supplies

Are you storing expensive supplies in drawers and cabinets that get easily cluttered? You can stop wasting time searching through unorganized drawers and store supplies in Zirc’s color coded procedure tubs instead. The tubs then serve as portal drawers that has been customized to include everything you need for each procedure, which maximizes your efficiency. Plus, by storing materials in one place, it’s easier to manage your inventory as well.

Step 4: Select a Central Storage Location

Just like the kitchen in your home, central sterilization is the hub of your practice! To keep your practice running smoothly, Zirc can help you identify where to store your tray and tubs for the easiest grab-and-go access. Once your instruments and materials are centrally located, you’ll no longer be running from operatory-to-operatory searching for items. Everything is sorted ahead of time, so you don’t have to think about what you need.

Step 5: Consider the Patient Experience

When everything needed during an appointment has been prepared for in advance, it creates a well-organized, inviting space for patients. The colored kits add a bright, colorful aspect to the room and has a less intimidating surgical appearance as well. Plus, your team will feel confident they have everything they need, so they can focus all their attention on patient care.

If you’re ready to stop scrambling to find missing items, reduce the amount of time it takes to set up for appointments, or want to have better inventory control, Color Method can help. Zirc’s team of organizational experts offer complimentary consultations to discuss your practice’s current workflow and its challenges. From there, they can provide actionable recommendations to better organize your practice and maximize your team’s efficiency.


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