As we continue to stay close to trends in the dental industry, we wanted to launch a relatively new offering to the dental market: Medical Billing! After vetting several companies, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Trimed Services to provide our members with the option to medically bill within their practice.

About Trimed Services
TriMed is a professional medical/dental billing and consulting service exclusively for dentists. They work with new dental offices and established practitioners across the U.S. and continue to grow.
Their size and standards have made them the top choice for career billing experts. It is their goal to help your practice thrive by taking care of all the red tape and paperwork involved with running a dental practice; their consultants can also help you retain and gain more patients. LEARN MORE
Trimed has agreed to provide additional benefits and discounts to IDS member!! Fill out the survey in the link below to find out more about the benefits.
Interested in learning whether Medical Billing is a good option for your practice?
Please fill out the survey and a Trimed Representative will contact you shortly to review the survey.


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