IDS is Proud to be the Preferred Supply Program for the Indiana Dental Association

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Independent Dental Solutions (IDS):

Proud To Be the New Preferred Supply Program for the Indiana Dental Association


Independent Dental Solutions (IDS) and the Indiana Dental Association (IDA) are proud to announce their new partnership, formed from a mutual desire to advance and unite the dental industry in Indiana.

The Indiana Dental Association, headquartered in downtown Indianapolis, is comprised of 15 component societies which serve each of the state’s 92 counties and supports more than 83% of the dentists currently practicing in Indiana.

The IDA strives to be the first source of dental health information for the community and a vital resource on everything related to practicing dentistry for its members as well.

Similarly, Independent Dental Solutions (a free Group Purchasing Organization) was formed in 2017 to level the playing field for private dental practices in an industry that increasingly favors DSO’s and other corporate dental groups. They accomplish this by leveraging the collective buying power of its nearly 2,000 members, to provide independent dentists access to lower pricing on everything they need to operate a dental practice, from their supplies and capital equipment to lab and other purchased services.

Over the years, both organizations have continued to add new services and increase the level of support they offer their members, to reflect the changing needs of the industry. As cost reduction efforts continue to be top-of-mind for most practices, the IDA is proud to offer their members access to IDS’s free supply and equipment program. The program is a simple, effective way for practices to reduce their expenses and operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Leaders from the IDA and IDS are excited to partner together to continue to provide comprehensive support for Indiana dental practices.

A Message from Doug Bush, Executive Director of the Indiana Dental Association:  

“IndepenDENT Dental Solutions has been successfully working with three of IDA’s component dental societies for two years,” said IDA Executive Director Doug Bush. “This new arrangement expands the benefits statewide, allowing all our members access to discounted supplies and equipment.”

A Message from Dr. Rick Romenesko, Co-Founder of Independent Dental Solutions:  

“Welcome IDA Members! On behalf of the IndepenDENT Dental Solutions team, I am excited to welcome you to the IDS family. I have personally had the pleasure to meet several IDA members over the last few years, most recently at the Midwest Dental Assembly this past Spring. The IDA is a tremendous society, led by a team of passionate, supportive men and women who are committed to the advancement of independent dentistry in Indiana. 

 We are honored to form this partnership and to work together to bring additional value to all IDA members individually and to the society as a whole. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship and the development of many friendships along the way. Together, we can truly make a difference!” 

Both organizations are excited to continue to cultivate and grow this partnership, to ensure Indiana dental practices won’t just survive, they’ll have access to the tools they need to truly thrive as well.


For more information on the IDA, please visit:

To join IDS (membership is free), please visit:


For questions about IDS membership and services, please contact Member Experience Manager, Maggie Garrigan at: [email protected]

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