Illinois State Dental Society (ISDS) Endorses IDS Supply Program

Posted on January 10, 2019 by
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One Of A Kind Endorsement of IDS Changes The Face Of Illinois Dentistry

Illinois State Dental Society (ISDS) represents a powerhouse dental community with a leadership structure that dates to the 19th century. In order to continue to bring additional value to their members, ISDS is excited to introduce their endorsement of Independent Dental Solutions (IDS).

Why did ISDS chose IDS?

ISDS is captivated by IDS’ proven savings and their no-risk model to rally independent dentists and leverage their collective buying power to drive down the cost of merchandise and equipment to level the playing field in an increasingly corporate dental market. What Brian Heyndrickx, Dr. Rick Romenesko, Dr. Michael Romenesko and Jordan Herbert have co-founded is something to behold. With no membership fees, dentists can simply switch their ordering through IDS contracts and generate immediate savings. IDS proves through transparent data that their members easily save in the double digit percentages when adding up the sum of purchases against their recent prior spends. Furthermore, the more members that sign up, the greater the savings members can come to expect. Finally, IDS is willing to present the program to all study clubs and component dental organizations in Illinois to get the grassroots movement started.

Read the full press release: HERE

What does that mean for all IDS Members?

ISDS endorsement of IDS means that we now have one of the largest dental society’s in the U.S. behind our mission and movement. If simply 10% of Illinois dentists sign up for IDS, we will become the one of, if not the, largest dental organization in the United States (including DSO and corporates). Therefore, this endorsement greatly increases our purchasing power and you, as a member, will reap the benefits!


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