Our COVID-19 Dental Task Force will share COVID-19 updates weekly. For additional information or previous updates, please visit our website blog.


COVID-19 Dental Task Force Updates/Recommendations

Each week, the task force will list a few financial and operational updates/recommendations for your consideration:

Adding your Infection Control Protocol to your chart notes

  • Include specific steps your practice is taking to minimize risk and maximize protections for everyone, things to include would be; infection control protocols your practice is utilizing and the screening process that occurred prior to patient treatment.
  • This portion of your chart notes should be continually updated with any changes advised from OSHA or the CDC, on increased infection control measures.
  • To help with efficiency in adding this additional information; most practice management software programs allow for you to setup “default” scripts to add to your chart notes.
  • A more comprehensive look at your consent form process may be worth adding to your recovery preparation checklist.

ADA Recommendations on updates to your Informed Consent protocol in light of Covid-19:

  • Use of procedure specific written, signed and dated informed consent forms, and detailed documentation.
  • This may be different then a basic “one size fits all” informed consent that you currently use in your practice.


Paycheck Protection Program Update

The good news is lenders are going to be able to use their own promissory notes, which will simplify the process (question 19). It also states that the forgiveness period begins at the time the lender disburses the loan, which the lender must do no later than ten calendar days from the date of loan approval (question 20). Please see the PPP FAQ’s from the Treasury for more details.

If you have questions about SBA loans and/or the PPP, please reach out to Adam Lange at: [email protected].

Infection Control & Personal Protective Equipment

  • CDC Infection Prevention Overview: We mentioned the CDC infection prevention document on one of the webinars, but you should use this document to review your practice’s current policies/procedures versus the recommendations.
  • Infection Control Checklist: One of Midway Dental’s partners, Compliance Training Partners, developed an infection control checklist to simplify the review of your practice.
  • PPE Calculator: The CDC developed a PPE burn calculator to help medical professionals estimate the inventory needs. In conjunction with Midway Dental, we are customizing and simplifying the calculator for dental practice needs and will send it on a future update.

ADA Interim Guidance on Minimizing COVID-19 Transmission Risk

The ADA recently released their interim guidance on minimizing COVID-19 transmission risk when treating dental emergencies. Their guidance includes three workflows:
  • Triaging Emergency Patients
  • Screening Patients
  • Minimizing Exposure Risk (PPE Considerations)
Additionally, the ADA recorded a Q/A video about the interim guidance.

Dental Savings/Membership Plans

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought the concept of a membership/savings plan to the forefront because offices with plans in place are collecting recurring revenue which is helping offset their expenses through the shutdown. Learn More.

Recovery Plan

Just a reminder that if you are looking for additional guidance through this process, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your practice’s specific needs. If you are interested, please fill out  call request the form. 

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