The Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program 


Business owners, including those with independent dental practices, tend to have demanding schedules and struggle to prioritize their own health care needs.  Private dental practitioners have more than ever on their plate, which can make achieving a healthy work/life balance and finding time for regular exercise, following a balanced diet, managing stress and getting enough sleep challenging. Over time, this can increase their changes of developing health conditions such as diabetes, depression, heart disease, obesity or stroke.

In fact, a Mayo Clinic study with a cohort of 491 executive patients found:

  • 53% of these patients had new and clinically important diagnoses discovered (428 diagnoses in 260 unique patients),
  • 71% of these diagnoses were not prompted by patient complaints
  • 51% of these diagnoses would not have been identified by traditional screening guidelines.

This is why making time to maintain and monitor your own health is so important.

In an effort to support the health and wellbeing of our members, IDS members now are eligiable to receive a personalized, comprehensive Executive Exam from Mayo Clinic through their Executive Health Program. 

The program was established 50 years ago to support the health and well-being of business executives including CEOs, presidents, and business owners. Today, the program supports more than 20,000 executives each year from across the country and beyond.

The program provides executives with a world-class preventive care exam, drawing on the traditional diagnostic excellence of Mayo Clinic.  This comprehensive, highly personalized, one-stop medical evaluation was developed with the unqiue needs and busy schedules of a business leader in mind. The exam is known for its unmatched one-on-one physician time, which brings many executives back each year and enables them to develop life-long relationships with their Mayo Clinic Executive care team.

The Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program is offered on all three Mayo Clinic campuses – in Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona, with dedicated space specifically for executive patients. This includes executive-level services and amenities such as private office space, an executive lounge with snacks and beverages, a staffed concierge desk and fast-tracked lab results and specialty appointments.

A Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program visit is tailored to each individual and can range from one-to-three days based on factors including gender, age and the individual needs and health goals of the patient. Additionally, the cost of the exam varies, based on the services provided. Depending on the personal and family history, any symptoms or risk-factors, additional testing may be recommended, which can increase both the cost and length of the exam. The exam can be billed to insurance, the company, directly to the patient or a combination of all three.

Below is additional information on the program, including locations, estimated costs and available exams, testing and screenings:

Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program Brochure (1)

Executive Health Program FAQ (1)

Executive Health Program Standard Protocol (1)

Executive Health Program Rochester Travel And Lodging

To learn more or to make an appointment, please contact the Mayo Clinic campus of your choice:   

  • Rochester, Minnesota – (507) 284-2288
  • Jacksonville, Florida – (904) 953-2907
  • Scottsdale, Arizona – (480) 301-8088