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Why Midway

After vetting 9 distributors, we selected Midway due to their strong commitment to independent dentists, ability to evolve with IDS, and willingness to support our members with representatives.

About Midway

Midway Dental Supply is a family-owned, full-service dental distributor. With over 65,000 inventoried supplies, service in select markets, and comprehensive CE programs, they meet the needs of our members' practices.

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Savings Opportunities:

We are pleased to announce that through our primary distributor, Midway Dental, we are now able to offer IDS members exclusive pricing on Kerr Dental Productssaving anywhere from 12% to 72% off retail pricing.

As a preferred vendor partner, Kerr Dental provides IDS members with access to a wide-range of high-quality dental products including restoratives, endodontics and rotary instruments, as well as highly-effective infection prevention products.

FREE PRODUCT ALERT!! To kickoff our partnership, the first 100 IDS practices to meet with their Midway Dental and Kerr representatives will receive a Kerr Welcome Kit FREE (which features an assortment of our favorite Kerr products.)

Request a meeting with your practice representatives and score a free kit today!

We know infection control is always a top priority for dental practices, which is why we’ve partnered with Coltene to offer IDS members reduced pricing on their OPTIM 1 Disinfectant Wipes. For a limited time*:
*The promotion is valid through 9/30/21.
OPTIM 1 Wipes are on the EPA list of disinfectants to use against COVID-19 and offer additional benefits, including:
  • They’re included in the Lowest EPA Toxicity category
  • They’re a highly-effective, one-step cleaner (saving you time & money!)
  • They’re a fast-acting, broad-spectrum disinfectant (offering maximum protection after only 1 minute of contact time)
  • You can do more with less! Use half as many wipes as the leading competitor to achieve disinfection.
  • Its active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide, doesn’t leave residues, so it’s safe to use on a wide-range of surfaces, including equipment and is eco-friendly.
OPTIM 1 US Wipes (1)

We are pleased to announce that through Midway Dental, we are now able to offer IDS members exclusive, reduced pricing on VITA SUPRINITY PC.

VITA SUPRINITY PC is a partially crystalized, zirconia-reinforced block that is strong without compromising esthetics. From posterior and anterior crowns to veneers and more, VITA is the name trusted world-wide for superior quality and shade determination.

VITA SUPRINITY PC Offers Superior Quality & Benefits Including:

  • A strength of 541 MPa

  • A fine-grained, homogeneous structure, which guarantees excellent material quality and outstanding processing characteristics for fast milling and polishing.

  • Excellent esthetics due to highly accurate shade reproduction

Additional VITA products are available at IDS-exclusive pricing, including polishing refills & sets! 
To place an order click here.
We are now able to offer IDS members exclusive pricing on Zirc Dental Products.
With more than 50 years of industry experience, Zirc Dental is dedicated helping dental teams become happier, safer, & more efficient by manufacturing innovative & simple-to-use products that provide peace of mind & make your day a little less stressful.
Check out some of their top selling products, including the Crystal HD Mirror, now available at exclusive, lower IDS Member pricing!
Crystal HD Mirrors:
  • Are 40% brighter than standard rhodium mirrors
  • Provide 99% true color reflection – across the entire color spectrum
  • Are designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue
  • Are rust-free and autoclavable
  • Offer antimicrobial protection and their unique design prevents debris build-up around lens