Current Equipment Offers

Provide Advanced Dentistry with 3D Printing Technology

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating 3D printing into your practice – you won’t want to miss this offer from DMG!

IDS members are eligible for a special bundle promotion for 20% off: 

  • DentalMile connect (cloud-based CAD software)
  • DLP Printer, Wash and Cure units
  • LuxaPrint Ortho Plus
  • LuxaPrint Ortho Flex

DMG’s DentalMile 3D Printing Solution offers: 

  • Expert guidance every step of the way from installation and training to on-demand support.
  • Chairside precision creating accurate dental prosthetics and appliances.
  • Seamless digital workflows from design to fabrication.
  • Increased efficiency and revenue opportunities.

Want to Learn More? 

Contact Tom Houle by calling 707-470-9849 or via email at [email protected].

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New Savings On Straumann’s TRIOS 3Shape Intraoral Scanners

IDS members are eligible for exclusive, lower pricing on all three models, saving over 18% on regular retail pricing! Click the links below to learn more about each offer:

Contact your Straumann Territory manager to learn more, or visit:

Member-Exclusive Savings on Supplies

Bundle + Save on Clear Aligners During the Month of July
Choose the ClearCorrect bundle that fits your case volume and budget!


This month only, IDS members can save even more with exclusive bundled pricing from ClearCorrect. 

Bundle 1: 25% OFF 3 Case Vouchers
Bundle 2: 30% OFF 5 Case Vouchers
Bundle 3: 35% OFF 10 Case Vouchers


To learn more or take advantage of this one-month-only offer, contact your ClearCorrect representative! 

If you’re not sure which rep is assigned to your area, you can also reach out to Monica Moore at: [email protected]


*Bundle offers are only valid through 7/31/24. Discount is taken off retail pricin and vouchers are valid 12 months from the date of purchase.


Looking for High-Quality Stainless Steel Molar Crowns? 


IDS members can try HuFriedy’s stainless steel primary and permanent molar crowns risk-free.

Choose from two introductory kits: 

  • SSCKIT Pedo Stainless Steel Crowns Introductory Kit- Contains 48 Crowns (1 of each size)
  • SCPKIT Permanent Stainless Steel Crowns Introductory Kit -Contains 24 Crowns (1 of each size)
Contact Lisa Sojka at [email protected] and use Promo Code 3036 to recieve your kit for FREE!

These crowns were developed to deliver consistent, accurate and predictable clinical outcomes, while allowing the practitioner to work more effectively and efficiently, ensuring more time for patient education and treatment planning.

HuFriedy crowns feature:

  • More narrow mesial-distal maxillary first primary molar width for quicker adjacent crown placement.
  • Ideal wall height, which means less trimming and crimping (if at all!)
  • Pre-trimmed, crimped and contoured surfaces for less time spent chairside
  • Accurate occlusal anatomy mimicking the natural tooth.
  • Optimal occlusal thickness with superior resilience to abrasion and perforation.
Save on Something New

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to try a new Kettenbach product, this is it! Check out both new product offers that are available to IDS members: 

  • New Kettenbach customers can save 50% on their first order.*
  • Existing Kettenbach customers can save 50% on any products that are new to their practice.*
To learn more or place an order, visit:


For questions, contact your local sales representative or call 877-532-2123.

*Both offers are member-only promotions. Discounts will be taken off retail pricing on orders placed now through December 31, 2024. The maximum discount that will be given is $1000. 

Restore Your Patient’s Smile… and Your Bottom Line

Give Kettenbach’s award-winning restorative material duo a try and save big!

Two great products, one amazing deal:

Product 1: Visalys Temp

Visalys Temp is Kettenbach’s temporary crown and bridge material that delivers exceptionally stable and fracture-resistant short-term and long-term temporary restorations with its multifunctional acrylic composite.

With minimal shrinkage, Visalys Temp ensures well-fitting and tension-free temporary restorations from crowns or bridges to inlays/onlays to highly esthetic veneers.


Product 2: Visalys Core

Visalys Core is Kettenbach’s dual-curing composite, perfect for difficult and freehand core build-ups as well as root post cementation.

Its special network formers create a reversible interaction between the fillers and give the user the possibility of controlling the stability using the application speed. Plus, the integrated, patented Active-Connect-Technology (ACT), which ensures secure adhesion with all conventional light-curing or dual-curing one-step or multi-step adhesives.

One Significantly Reduced IDS Member-Only Price:

Get 1 50ML box of Visalys Temp + 2 5ML vials of Visalys Core for $218.64

(That’s $80.86 off regular retail pricing!)



Did You Know IDS Members Have Access to DMG’s Portfolio of Products?

Click through each flyer/image below to learn more about some of DMG’s best-selling, most-loved products. 

For more information, click the hyperlinks below to view the full product PDFs: 

LuxatempThe first bisacryl provisional material introduced as an automix material in the U.S. and Canada. Today, it remains the system of choice for clinicians to produce estethically superior, lifelike provisionals. 

LuxaCore ZRely on the industry-leading core material that cuts and bends like dentin! Thanks to patented nanotechnology and added Zirconia filler, LuxaCore Z has superior flexural and compressive strength, flowability, and releases fluoride.

A Clear Choice for Clear Aligners

If you’re thinking about adding clear aligners to your practice, or have been thinking about switching to ClearCorrect, be sure to swing by their booth for a special introductory offer!

Now through the end of the year, new ClearCorrect customers are eligible for an exclusive promotion: 

Approve One (1) Unlimited Case and Receive the second (2nd) at 50% Off.

Reach out to your ClearCorrect territory manager or email our contact, Monica Moore at [email protected] to learn more.

Exclusive Learning Opportunities

 Breathe Easy, Smile Bright:

A Comprehensive Approach to Airway Health, Optimal Oral Care, and Clear Aligner Therapy for Dental Professionals

Dental teams are well positioned to optimize a patient’s overall health. With advances in technology, new product development and progression of disease conditions, how dental patients are evaluated requires a different approach. 

Are you and your team prepared to look beyond teeth?

Join ClearCorrect for a unique, online learning series that explores:

  • The screening and evaluation process for identifying potential conditions related to a restricted airway.
  • The relationship between malocclusion and interceptive orthodontics and how this impacts both a patient’s oral and overal health.
  • Analyzing and evaluating treatment plans using clear aligners, with a focus on
    understanding oral anatomy deficiencies and their impact on airway health.
The free webinars will be held on: 
Wednesday, June 26, 2024 and Wednesday, July 10, 2024  from 7:30pm–9:30pm (CST)
Participants will earn 2CE credit hours per course.

Did You Know…

DMG Does Continuing Education!


In addition to offering a wide-range of high quality products, DMG also sponsors a variety of continuing education programs for dentists as well. 


Some of their most popular courses are highlighted in the flyer to the left,  including:  

  • Resin Infiltration 
  • Hygiene 
  • Impression Techniques & Provisional Restorations
  • Oral Health & Prevention 
  • Digital Dentistry 
  • Modern Composite Techniques

For a complete list of classes, visit:


Other Member-Exclusive Offers

Get an Intraoral Scanner for FREE…Just by completing Clear Aligner cases each month!

To learn more, simply reach out to your ClearCorrect territory manager or email [email protected]Then, your ClearCorrect representative will help you select the option that best fits your practice’s needs and production levels.

Plus, IDS members enjoy year-round savings on ClearCorrect aligners, including their state-of-the art, tri-layer aligner material, ClearQuartz™.

ClearCorrect aligners are manufactured here in the U.S. and boast a strong price/performance ratio and smart training options, making aligners more accessible to dentists and patients.

 Learn more about ClearCorrect products:

To learn more about ClearCorrect and IDS Member Benefits, please contact Monica Moore at: [email protected] 

Save on Orascoptic’s Custom-Fit Loupes and Headlights 

Discover superior visualization and magnification thanks to Orascoptic’s award-winning technology. Their lineup of custom-fit loupes and headlights boast: 

  • Powerful, unmatched magnification.
  • Better illumination.
  • Ergonomic design to improve your posture and prolong your career.

IDS members are eligible for a free in-office consultation. During the visit, an Orascopic expert will introduce you to the products, answer your questions and help you select the right custom-crafted loupe and headlight for your practice. 

Plus, IDS members are eligible for 10% off their orders – up to $584 in savings!

Request a your in-office consultation today!

Orascoptic Logo

Edge Advisors is the new standard for accounting, recruiting and transition firms serving the dental market. Since our company inception in 2010, our goal has been, and still is, to help preserve private practice dentistry with private practice accounting.

Are you having trouble communicating with your advisors? Are deadlines consistently not met, or your taxes always extended when you have provided timely information? Are your fees increasing but the service level is not changing or decreasing?

Look no further, as our internal structure promotes direct contact and an enhanced client relationship to not only ensure compliance deadlines are met, but your CPA is invested in your practice and success.

Services Include: 

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Tax Planning/Preperation
  • High-Level Financial Metrics
  • Dentist Recruiting
  • Associate Buy-In Calculations
  • Multi-Doc Compensation Models
  • Practice Transition
  • Practice Valuation

Plus, IDS members are eligible for a free 5 Point Tax Review.

Over 80% of healthcare practices lease their office space. The cost of rent is typically a practice’s second-highest expense after payroll. The difference between a properly or poorly negotiated lease can benefit or cost a practice tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The same economic concessions available with a new lease are often available with lease renewals, such as free rent, a tenant improvement allowance and more.

IDS has partnered with CARR, to provide for you, a lease evaluation free of charge. Our goal is to help ensure your practice maximizes its profitability through real estate.

Request your evaluation here!