Zirc’s mission is to help dental teams to be safe, happy, and more efficient.

Your heart beats for your dental team, and so does ours. We know you want to give your team the best support you possibly can with products and materials that increase their productivity, organization, and professionalism. You already invest a lot in the right personnel and the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition, but are you still missing those key ingredients to make your dental practice run smoothly? Our innovative product line saves time, reduces stress, improves infection control, and elevates the patient experience.

Discover the Color Method: Color Method is a methodology and set of principles used to improve clinical workflow in the dental practice. The framework is aimed at creating ultimate clinical efficiency, reducing cost and waste of materials, improving staff training, and elevating the patient experience.

Learn more: https://youtu.be/YQ8w701Za_c

View the Color Method Guide:  https://www.zirc.com/application/files/2616/7484/1580/Color-Method-Guide_20Z399_Rev_A_1022_R04_WEB.pdf

Watch Dr. Coryell’s Video Testimonial:  https://youtu.be/BBENFz7AsaQ?si=zXLsB8kkO6USk5v1

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Dental Mirrors

Say hello to the industry-leading dental mirror. Experience a remarkable level of brightness that sets a new standard among dental mirrors. Zirc’s full line of mirrors offers superior clarity and enhanced vision precision.

Isolation & Evacuation

Treat patients with more comfort and safety while freeing up hands to perform other chair-side duties without any interruption of treatment.