“A Payment Solution for Every Merchant” 

Merchants’ Choice Card Services (MCCS) offers credit and debit card processing, mobile payment and online payment gateway services for IDS members in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

MCCS strives not to sell services, but to provide education instead. The offer consultations over the phone or in person and will review:

  • Risks associated with credit card payments and how they can help mitigate these risks
  • How you are currently being charged in comparison to their pricing
  • Various ways to process payments
  • PCI compliance and other regulations that may apply to you
  • Available contract options, including day to day contracts with no early termination penalties
  • The terminal setup process
  • How to read your statement

They want to help your practice succeed and will work with you to understand your business needs and how they can best support your practice. MCCS offers local support and if their customer service team can’t help you over the phone, they’ll send a representative to your practice.

In an industry known for high turnover and low customer satisfaction, MCC is proud of their 93% retention rate (the industry average is 34%!