Kleer  was founded in 2016 with a mission to liberate dental care – to eliminate the insurance middle man – and make oral care more affordable and accessible for everyone. Since then, Kleer has grown to be the industry-leader for subscription dental membership plans. Their advanced, cloud-based and turnkey platform enables dentists to reclaim control of the dental market from insurance companies by offering membership plans directly to patients and employers.

To date, Kleer has helped more than 5,000 independent and group practices across the country better serve their uninsured patient base. By converting their uninsured patients to Kleer membership plans, these practices have achieved some incredible results. For example, Kleer membership plan patients:
  • Visit their dentist two to three times more often than uninsured patients
  • Generate twice the revenue of uncovered patients
  • Complete 1.7X more hygiene appointments, increasing hygiene revenue by an average of $120
  • Accept 2.3X more treatment, increasing treatment revenue by an average of $520 per patient
  • Create 2.1X more production, increasing overall production revenue by an average of $642 per patient

With Kleer, dentists can improve patient’s access to care while growing their practices and gaining independence from the constraints of third-party payers – and thanks to our partnership, IDS members receive 5% off Kleer membership fees! Visit Kleer.com or click on the links below to view learn more about Kleer membership plans can help your practice and your patients:

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