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ClearCorrect™ a Straumann Group brand, is a leading clear aligner manufacturer that has provided best-in-class support and quality, clinically driven products for doctors since 2006. Manufactured in the U.S., their aligners are administered with doctor supervision, placing more power in the hands of those most qualified to develop safe and effective treatment plans customized to each patient’s specific needs.Today, ClearCorrect serves tens of thousands of trusted providers around the world and has helped hundreds of thousands of patients achieve better smiles.

ClearCorrect recently launched their new, state-of-the art, tri-layer aligner material, ClearQuartz™. 

Why ClearCorrect Aligners? To correct malocclusion, a growing number of patients and doctors prefer clear aligners to traditional wires and brackets, due to advantages such as:
  • Nearly-invisible appliances
  • No dietary restrictions
  • No obstructions to flossing or brushing
  • Controlled, single-tooth movement
  • Remote monitoring options
  • They’re attractive and accessible: With a strong price/performance ratio and smart training options, ClearCorrect makes aligners accessible to more dentists and patients.
  • They’re high-quality, USA-made: Engineered in the USA with care and pride at our Center of Excellence in Texas, ClearCorrect aligners are made from material optimized for stress retention and clarity while resisting stains and cracks.
  • They’re dentist-friendly by nature: ClearCorrect has been listening to dentists and collaborating with them to create solutions they love since 2006.
  • They provide top-notch support: Working with ClearCorrect is easy, with customer support provided by fully-committed, highy-trained specialists who go the extra mile to help dentists succeed.

Learn more about ClearCorrect products:

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ClearCorrect Brand Information Sheet

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