Interest rates on commercial real estate and practice loans are at historic lows, making it the perfect time to explore expanding your business, upgrading equipment, debt consolidation, acquisitions or refinancing an existing loan.
As an IDS member, Bank of America is proud to offer you low interest loan options for existing practices or new commercial loans that feature even lower rates during an 18 month introductory period.
Through December 31, 2020, enjoy a 1% introductory interest rate for the first 18 months of your loan, followed by a rate of 3.43% for the remaining life of your loan.This equates to:
  • A blended rate of 2.73% on a 10 year loan
  • A blended rate of 2.94% on a 15 year loan
You can select either option as a fixed rate loan as well. For real estate loans, 20 year options are also available.
** Existing Bank of America debt is NOT eligible for the promotional rates **
Additional offer details are available below:
Existing Practice Loan Options
New Commercial Loan Options
For more information, please contact Bank of America representative, David Dahler by calling: (614)315-5065 or emailing:
[email protected]

Bank of America is proud to offer IDS Member’s year-round benefits as well, including:

  • Waived Administrative Fees (up to $600)