Most frequent questions and answers

To join our movement, please fill out the membership application found at:

To learn more about our mission and movement, please register for an informational session at: https://independent-ds.com/infosessions

  • The quickest way to address an ordering issue is to contact the vendor directly:

Midway Dental Customer Service:

Komet Customer Service:

Kettenbach Customer Service:


To take advantage of your membership, please download the membership welcome packet that provides all the details you needs. 

If you have questions about your membership, please visit the contact us page or:

Our model is free. There are no one-time or recurring membership costs. Our ask is that you support the mission and movement by referring colleagues and participating in our offerings when possible.

In order to represent your practice and negotiate on your behalf, IDS needs a signed MSA for each practice. There are applicable laws that we need to follow as a GPO and a MSA per member is one of them. Our MSA does not lock you into a contract and you can leave at any point, but please inform us if you plan to leave the group.

IDS does not share our pricing with non-members. That said, if you would like a comparison completed, please follow the data instructions to pull the purchase history from your current distributor or provide your top-20 items and we will provide a savings summary. 

Service Technicians are available in certain markets. The current markets were service is provided include: WI, IL, OH, MI, & IN. As we continue to grow in specific markets, Midway will build a service program in those markets. 

  • In the available markets, services is provided at an hourly rate with no trip fee. The hourly rate varies depending on the state. 
  • To book service for your practice, please call: (800) 474 – 6111 ext. 2

If you are concerned about whether your service will suffer if you switch distributors, we found that your current distributor will continue to provide great service.

No. Our mission is that you buy most of your supplies through our program, but if we cannot supply a specific manufacturer’s product through our partnerships, then you can continue to purchase through your current vendor.

In order to have access to our offerings, you must be a member and have signed the MSA. That said, the MSA allows members to leave at their own discretion. So, you can technically try-it, but we strongly believe our programs and future strategies make being a member worthwhile.

IDS is more than a supply program with great pricing. We are a mission and movement to level the playing field for independent private practices. The supply program is just the beginning. Our goal is pricing decreases as the membership grows and as we negotiate new contracts with suppliers. If they match price today, you will miss out on the new contracts with suppliers and service providers.

We wanted to provide a model that was free to our members. Therefore, IDS is funded through marketing, referral, and administrative fees from our vendor partners. In the spirit of transparency, each year, we will provide a summary of the fees collected through your participation in the group.

If you cannot find an item on our partners’ websites, please reach out to the vendor directly. If they do not carry that specific item, then they will offer a substitute. If you need a specific brand, then you are welcome to continue buying that product through your current vendor.

Currently, specialists can take advantage of our supplier partnerships. We are working with various vendors to establish offerings for all dental specialties. 

IDS has negotiated contract pricing with all of our vendor partners. Our prices are locked for 12-months and can only increase if a vendor has increased manufacturing costs. If you do not have a contract, then prices can change at any point.