In the spirit of continuing our mission to support all the business needs of our members, as well as the independent dental market as a whole, we are excited to launch our Dental Discussions Podcast. There is no shortage of resources providing clinical guidance for dentists, however, it can be difficult to find information on topics related to the business side of dentistry. That’s where Dental Discussions comes in. Our podcast provides helpful insights and the tools dentists need to sustain and grow their practice from a business perspective.

The first episode of Dental Discussions launched on Wednesday, October 7th at 12:00PM, CST. Additional episodes will be released bi-weekly on Wednesdays at noon, moving forward. 

Episodes will center around supporting independent dentists as they continue to rebuild and strengthen their practice. Topics will include operational best practices, strategies to optimize and manage supplies, financial considerations, practice management resources & support, as well as updates and innovations in dentistry. Listeners will hear from IDS leaders as they weigh in on a variety of topics and seek valuable input from thought-leaders across the industry. 

We are committed to keeping you informed, not only on topics impacting the field of dentistry, but also those specific to operating a thriving, independent practice. With Dental Discussions, while you may be practicing independently, it doesn’t mean you’re on your own – we’ve got your back! 

Episode 1 – COVID-19 & The Dental Industry
In our first episode, members of the IDS team share their unique experiences and perspectives – from the lens of a practicing dentists, a dental operations educator and our supply chain experts. 
Listen in as they share how they (and other practices across the country) have navigated the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. From supply chain shortages to reimbursement considerations for PPE, COVID-19 testing or virtual care, as well as ways to support your staff as your schedule ramps back up, we’re discussing it all. 
While many practices have returned to “business as usual”, it’s important to remember, we’re not out of the woods just yet and no one knows exactly what the future holds. Some of the same inventory management strategies used when masks and gowns were difficult to procure can help with disinfectant product shortages now. Additionally, staying diligent about your screening protocols for staff and patients and continuing to utilize virtual care services will keep your practice as safe as possible as we head into the cold and flu season.
Episode 2 – No Class Prepared Them For This:
Graduating & Opening a Practice in 2020

In this episode of Dental Discussions, we’re talking to two dentists, who thanks to COVID-19, faced some unique challenges as one prepared to graduate and enter the workforce and the other became a practice owner earlier this year.

Graduation is normally a time of celebration and excitement, however, when the pandemic hit, it left many students wondering if they would be able to graduate after all, and whether there would be a job waiting for them if they did.

Becoming a new owner can be stressful on its own, taking on the responsibility of providing care in addition to overseeing the business aspects of the practice. Throw in COVID-19 closures, staffing and patient safety concerns and it can feel downright overwhelming.

Hear from Drs. Jacob Simonovich and Daniel Tessmann as they share their personal experiences and how they navigated the many hurdles they’ve faced this year and continue to find their path forward.

Episode 2 will be available Wednesday, October 21st!


Coming Up Next….

In our third episode, we’re talking to Dr. Nick Romenesko and Burton Bands founder and Chicago-based dentist, Dr. Matt Burton. We first met Dr. Burton at last year’s Midwinter event and were blown away by his innovative solution using a sectional matrix for composites.

Mark your calendars for the next episode of Dental Discussions, airing on Wednesday, November 4th.

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