In the spirit of continuing our mission to support all the business needs of our members, as well as the independent dental market as a whole, we launched the Dental Discussions Podcast. There is no shortage of resources providing clinical guidance for dentists, however, it can be difficult to find information on topics related to the business side of dentistry. That’s where Dental Discussions comes in. Our podcast provides helpful insights and the tools dentists need to sustain and grow their practice from a business perspective. 

Episodes are released bi-weekly on Wednesdays at noon and topics will include operational best practices, strategies to optimize and manage supplies, financial considerations, practice management resources & support, as well as updates and innovations in dentistry. Listeners will hear from IDS leaders as they weigh in on a variety of topics and seek valuable input from thought-leaders across the industry. 

We are committed to keeping you informed, not only on topics impacting the field of dentistry, but also those specific to operating a thriving, independent practice. With Dental Discussions, while you may be practicing independently, it doesn’t mean you’re on your own – we’ve got your back!

Episode 1 – COVID-19 & The Dental Industry
In our first episode, members of the IDS team share their unique experiences and perspectives – from the lens of a practicing dentists, a dental operations educator and our supply chain experts. 
Listen in as they share how they (and other practices across the country) have navigated the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. From supply chain shortages to reimbursement considerations for PPE, COVID-19 testing or virtual care, as well as ways to support your staff as your schedule ramps back up, we’re discussing it all. 
While many practices have returned to “business as usual”, it’s important to remember, we’re not out of the woods just yet and no one knows exactly what the future holds. Some of the same inventory management strategies used when masks and gowns were difficult to procure can help with disinfectant product shortages now. Additionally, staying diligent about your screening protocols for staff and patients and continuing to utilize virtual care services will keep your practice as safe as possible as we head into the cold and flu season.
Episode 2 – No Class Prepared Them For This:
Graduating & Opening a Practice in 2020

In this episode of Dental Discussions, we’re talking to two dentists, who thanks to COVID-19, faced some unique challenges as one prepared to graduate and enter the workforce and the other became a practice owner earlier this year.

Graduation is normally a time of celebration and excitement, however, when the pandemic hit, it left many students wondering if they would be able to graduate after all, and whether there would be a job waiting for them if they did.

Becoming a new owner can be stressful on its own, taking on the responsibility of providing care in addition to overseeing the business aspects of the practice. Throw in COVID-19 closures, staffing and patient safety concerns and it can feel downright overwhelming.

Hear from Drs. Jacob Simonovich and Daniel Tessmann as they share their personal experiences and how they navigated the many hurdles they’ve faced this year and continue to find their path forward.

Episode 3 – Burton Bands: An innovative Approach To Posterior and Anterior Restoration

In our third episode of Dental Discussions, we’re talking with Dr. Nick Romenesko and Dr. Matt Burton. Dr. Burton, a fellow IDS-member, is the creator of Burton Bands, an innovative restoration matrix and wedge system.

Dr. Romenesko first introduced us to Burton Bands last year at the Chicago Midwinter tradeshow. Since then, we’ve continued to be impressed with this game-changing posterior and anterior restorative system. Burton Bands help to streamline class II and class III restorations – all while producing consistent, high quality treatment outcomes.

Burton Bands began in 2016, as a late-night idea, sketched out on a piece of paper as Dr. Burton thought about how to handle a difficult composite case. As he brainstormed, a thought came to mind – what if the wedge was split in half? Since then, he has continued to experiment with materials, designed several prototypes of varying thickness and different angles, which has led to the development of the Burton Band system.

We love the Burton Bands system because:

  • It allows for easier, more predictable matrix placement
  • It virtually eliminates overhangs 
  • It can be used in cases with cuspal involvement
  • It’s compatible with ring systems you likely already own
  • It provides enhanced operator visibility and control

We are excited to give our listeners a behind-the-scenes view of the innovative system and a chance to hear from the creator himself.

Episode 4 – The Financial Impact of COVID-19 On  Dental Practices:
Planning For The Road Ahead

In this episode of Dental Discussions, we’re joined by tax and financial experts from Clifton Larson Allen (CLA) – CPA’s, Mark DeBroux and Dawn Johanknecht.

This year has no shortage of financial challenges for dental practices. Nation-wide closures earlier in the year lead to weeks – and in some cases, months – of lost revenue.

Following the closures, practices were faced with significant changes to their daily operations, new safety requirements and rapidly changing, often confusing, information around relief programs.

Now dentists are trying to determine how to handle COVID-19 infections among staff members and understand how the recent updates to the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) may impact their practice.

Mark and Dawn share how their dental clients have been navigating the financial challenges brought on by the pandemic and what dentists should be doing to ensure they have a solid financial plan personally, and for their practice moving forward.

Episode 5 – Building a Cohesive Brand Strategy

In this episode of Dental Discussions, we’re talking with Jaymie Youngquist, COO of Dental Media, about the important role digital marketing and a cohesive brand strategy can play in the overall success of a dental practice.

Traditionally, dentists have not actively marketed their practice and as a result, may be missing opportunities to reach new patients or engage with existing patients. Whether you’re unsure of how to market your practice or you just don’t have the time, Dental Media can do the heavy lifting for you.

From Boost Campaigns to help attract new patients, the Trustbuilder program designed to monitor patient satisfaction and leverage online reviews to promote your practice, to website and social media optimization, Dental Media offers a full range of services to help you achieve your practice goals and build brand awareness.

Tune in to learn how you can get started risk-free with no upfront costs and Dental Media’s unique performance based approach.

Episode 6 – Not All Burs Are Created Equal: Behind The Scenes with Komet

In this episode of Dental Discussions, we’re talking with Steve Noack from Komet, USA (a third generation, family-owned, leading global manufacturer of high-quality rotary instruments) about what sets Komet apart from their competition. 

Komet offers burs for general and surgical use, and continues to expand upon their newly-launched endodontic line. They are committed to continued growth and innovation, enabling them to make dentists’ life easier, by saving them time, money and enhancing the patient experience. Their sales representatives, like Steve, offer unmatched customer service and expertise and are a valuable resource offering guidance selecting the best tools for your practice. When you bring Komet into your practice, you can rest assured that each product has gone through rigorous testing, to ensure you are getting nothing but the best for your practice. As practicing dentists and IDS co-founder Michael Romenesko, DDS, has found, “You can always find a cheaper product, but you won’t beat the amazing value and high-quality offered by Komet.” 

Even better, IDS members are able to enjoy locked-in, lower pricing on Komet’s wide-range of rotary products year-round. Learn more by visiting:

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